Think with eyes for blinkers

Fatuous mouths of invisipixels are blistering the cloudlike vagaries of language, even when frostbitten owls facebook-like the stars, for a dark recharge of antisocial camaraderie, this sacrificial hot dog I give up to God is itself an undead body part of the Word.

tiny_girl_dream-from_leather_bound (1)

But butts are colorblind stoplight blue with butterfly vision balloons, never is not real, nor is real, real! Neither is unreal a good trip, as it negates what is not what it is.

Envision a plum, made of words, juicy words, sweet and then tart words, that make the high-jaw muscles of your heart spasm with caged lion fragility: a sour RX that makes you rage with twerking lust at the unattainable fragrant concrete ghost of a solstice-ripe round nectar-filled humanoid fruit.

Your want consumes you; fuller than full its roundness fills you out of yourself and into its wish: the taste of falling into the sleepy soil. In the library of dirt we can translate ourselves from luscious purpleheart into branching veins of hardened air; gently we will break up the blue negation of sky into negative space selfies, and blossom with quintuple petalled full circle rainbow bosoms.